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macos – Intermittent “Operation not permitted”, “Unable to begin the server” error whereas operating ‘safaridriver’

I am encountering an intermittent problem, whereas making an attempt to run safaridriver on OSX Sonoma. Listed here are the main points of the issue:

I ran sudo /usr/bin/safaridriver -p0 --enable to start with.

After that after I run this a number of occasions /usr/bin/safaridriver -p0, I used to be going through a problem the place I obtain an “Operation not permitted” error, however not persistently. This problem appears to happen intermittently.

I’ve checked the sudo logs, and I see the next error message:

    kernel: (Sandbox) Sandbox: deny(1) user-preference-write    
    cfprefsd: (CoreFoundation) [] rejecting write of key(s) MobileDeviceRemoteXPCEnabled in {, nimish, kCFPreferencesAnyHost,  
    /Customers/nimish/Library/Preferences/, managed: 0 } from course of 2049 ( as a result of setting these preferences requires user-preference-write or file-write-data sandbox entry 
    cfprefsd: (CoreFoundation) [] Could not open mother or father path on account of [2: No such file or directory 
    kernel: (Sandbox) Sandbox: deny(1) network-bind local:*:7055 (WebDriver) [] Error beginning HTTP server listening on localhost:0: Error Area=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=1 "Operation not permitted" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Operation not permitted, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Error in bind() operate} (WebDriver) [] Consumer connection invalidated for some purpose

I get this on macOS Sonoma.



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