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keyboard – Remapping a selected key in a selected enter format solely

I’ve a MacBook with a bodily EN-US keyboard that I take advantage of with EN-US and TR-Q enter layouts day by day. I am fairly shocked that there isn’t a strategy to enter a citation mark " utilizing only a common keypress on a bodily EN-US keyboard with the TR-Q enter format. The closest factor you will get is " utilizing the mix Choose+Shift+ğ (Choose+Shift+[ on the US layout), and even that is a weird sideways quotation mark that appears quite funky and is simply not-gonna-work when coding/scripting.

Aside: Why is it even possible to type in that symbol when it is not possible to type in a simple quotation mark?

My question is: Is there a way to do either one of the following on macOS, without having to install a program?

  • Modify a key’s behavior only in one of the input layouts.
  • Prepare and add a custom input layout.

Aside: I’ve been using this “US keyboard, US/TRQ layout” setup for 7 years now on Windows without any issues. I’m quite surprised that the macOS maps the TR-Q input layout differently, and in a way that is quite unusable.



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